“A bad sense of humor is a denial of reality;
Good humor is an acceptance of it.”
– Anonymous


THE DEVIL IS AT IT – AGAIN:  The rise of the digital age, the seduction of the Internet and social media, and, the advent of smart devices, have created a crisis for intimate relationships and is interfering with effective communications between children and adults – people, even.


Do You Want to…

• Raise healthy, happy and productive children, and develop meaningful relationships with others?
• Become the effective parent, grandparent, teacher, partner or friend you always wanted to be?
• Become a member of an ever-expanding International Community of parents, teachers, coaches, friends, spouses, caregivers – “disciplinators” – who believe using discipline with humor is the most effective way to solve problems with wayward or wild children and teens? Oh, and, yes, using discipline with humor works wonders on adults, too.


.. if so, keep reading.

If you’re serious about embracing powerful concepts, and learn how to discipline effectively – if you are committed to learning how to overcome the evils of the modern world – do not take your eyes off this page! But before we begin telling you more, let’s meet Jim Phillips

Those who dare to discipline stand out from the crowd – and, the devil be damned. Having practiced positive discipline with humor successfully for 50 + years has given Jim an authentic voice.  As an educator and professional actor, Jim has created many fun and strategic programs related to positive relationships and discipline – and Jim has developed techniques to help those in need of evaporating fears, and those who want to learn how to bring all involved in conflict into THE CIRCLE OF CALM RECEPTIVITY.  Jim continues to teach positive discipline in an innovative variety of ways within his local community.  And now, Jim is creating a guide for others around the world to benefit from his experience and expertise.

“It isn’t magic or brain surgery,” says Jim.  “But, it does boil down to a few simple but well-guarded secrets.  Practice these techniques and you will put the power of discipline back in your own set of personal skills. Practice the art of positive discipline with humor.  What do the secrets include?  They include:

• The SECRET TECHNIQUES for creating A Circle of Survival and why THEY don’t want you to know about these effective techniques!
• How to reduce stress and get your biochemicals under control – so you can remember what you are doing, know how to do it, and have the energy to complete the job!  The absolute quickest methods to put THE CURE FOR STRESS to work for you.
• Where to buy a guaranteed “How to discipline with humor” guide for just a few bucks!
• The three most powerful RULES TO LIVE BY !  1-2-3  Practice these three principles and change your world to a lifetime of healthy, meaningful and satisfying relationships.
• How to use POWER IMAGERY and STORYTELLING – the easiest and most natural way to engage children and adults, making values come alive, transmitting important cultural information, and stimulating social-emotional and language development.

… and MUCH MORE, in his exciting new HowToDisciplineWithHumor e-workshop!

In fact, why not listen to Jim introduce the workshop? Click Play:

Picture yourself as the child whisperer that everyone turns to in time of conflict or distress, the conflict-slayer with skills to find the paths to mend and heal troubled emotions, the peacemaker who soothes anger and fear, the leader who has the ability to focus absolutely on the reality of the moment, the partner who supports and inspires, the collaborator who understands the power of numbers.  Your children, your spouses and your community will respond positively as you explore relaxation techniques, listen and tell stories, reflect on hypothetical examples, and ponder the thought provoking questions & answers about discipline, humor, human development and effective communication from experienced and successful DISCIPLINATORS like Jim Phillips.

It is time for you – parent, teacher, grandparent – to make some important choices – and ACT.   Do not let fear deny the opportunities that are all around us to help our children learn how to make good choices.  Do not stick your head in the sand every time a conflict arises or your children are behaving in ways that are harmful or unkind to themselves and others.  Disengaging and hoping your children will grow up learning to make good choices on their own, or from their peers – or on the Internet – is not an appropriate option.  Remember what Mark Twain said, “Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt.”